What difference have you made?


In today’s, scenario where I am promoting real estate investment & explaining the pros & cons of buying a property, I come across various youth who have just entered the money making age & initiated the skill of self-survival.

These are those rabbits who have slogged hard in their childhood days to get hold of some good money minting jobs. Apart from the positive, hardworking & creative attitude these guys possess, they have nurtured a ridiculous habit of cribbing. Cribbing the investments their ancestors or parents did not do, otherwise they would not have to slog so much & they would have leaded a more comfortable life.

Recently, I was dining with one of my friends who happened to be a software engineer in a multinational company. He was of the opinion that he didn’t want his child to grow up the way he was brought up. He didn’t want his child to face all the struggles & wanted to give him a better life. I appreciated his opinion but I wanted to understand that why he was not satisfied with in his upbringing. He said that his parents did not buy land & properties when they were dearth cheap. If they would have invested in property he wouldn’t have to struggle so much today.

Like him most of the youth whose parents did not invest in property have the same mindset. I have one single question to all these likeminded guys that apart from regretting & cribbing about their parents mistakes what are you all doing? Are you investing in property today. For most of them the answer is no.

One single question to all these young guns –WHAT DIFFERENCE HAVE YOU MADE?

I want you all to ask some questions to yourself before proceeding with my article.

a.      Did you buy a flat/land/shop etc?

b.     What better investment have you done as compared to your ancestors in order to secure your            family?

If your answer is yes, that you have invested better then Bulls eye you are on the right track. But if your answer is No, then you are still at the starting point of the rat race. Its time for your wake up alarm bells start ringing. Start planning as crying or cribbing will not solve your problems or secure you & your generations to come.

“Rome was not built in a day”. You don’t get rich overnight. You need to plan your investments. If you feel real estate is not a good investment option you need to start following “Bruce Flatt CEO Brookfield Asset Management” he is known as the Warren Buffet of Real estate. His story shall surely guide inspire you for property buying.

For those whose answer is NO, then “Who the hell gave you the right to crib?” as you are doing nothing different, your next generation is going to have the same story. You need to find out the reasons why you haven’t bought a property till now.

Few of the common answers are below:

I am not investing in property because of the following reasons:

  •   The real estate market is in doll drums.
  •    Property cost is very high & beyond my budget
  •   I don’t think so investing in property is a good idea.
  •   I don’t have time to search for a property
  •   I should better invest in mutual funds & shares as it has more liquidity

So, if you have more reasons than this you need to think that, Do you really have it in you to buy a real estate? Can you take risk or just dream of building an empire? Are you just happy grumbling about your fathers mistakes?

You direly need a good investment advisor.

Real estate is currently going through a turbulent change in its life cycle. There are some major reforms that have come in & shall be introduced by our government in near future. It is turning into one of safest investment grounds. So, understand the cycle & invest judiciously.

In a nut shell I mean stop grumbling & regretting & start investing as you may not a get a better opportunity tomorrow. So you can proudly stand in front of the mirror & say that,

YES, I HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE & my children shall not have the same feeling what I had?

Not to forget check the following before investing:-

1.     Are the RERA registrations in place?

2.     When is the possession due of your building as well as the project?

3.     What is the purpose of your investment for residence or for lease?

4.     What is the return you are expecting or receiving on your investment?

5.     Do remember to check the locality, surroundings, approach road & safety to the project?

6.     Also, important is to check the water, drainage & light issues pertaining to the project?

Coming up next:

I will be coming up with my next article on real estate growth in Pune fringe areas. Also, I shall be sharing examples how property investment helps in tax saving & increases your disposable income.

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