Sales Planning

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Sales Planning

We strategize a Sales Plan that is detailed and focuses on a particular goal. All activities related to Sales are managed from inception to execution and beyond to ensure successful results.
Real estate is a dynamic sector & involves huge risk & volumes of investment. It is the second largest employment generation sector of our country, India and is fragile in nature. It is deeply impacted by the slightest change in the political, climatic, legal, and financial or health situations in the country. Although buying a home is a need it still requires immense planning & a long decision making process. It involves various factor like the product, the buyer, the seller, the influencer & the financer. To manage all these factors & conclude a sale involves immense sales skills. Mevolvee’s real estate sales planning team is the key to providing such skills to your team.

The key to success of any project is the prompt sales of the project. We at Mevolvee, believe in providing our clients the right sales consultancy for smooth & affordable sales of their real estate project. Our team gets involved in the project from day one & acts as a smooth link between the various stakeholders involved in the planning of the project.

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Our sales consultancy services include:

Market research

Surveying the local marketing to determine the demand for the product in order to plan the right product like the size, configuration & price of the apartment that is in prevailing demand in the desired market.

Planning of the project

Our technical team is part of the project right from inception, in order to coordinate with the architects & all consultants to prepare the perfect product mix that would sell smoothly.


Our technical team is part of the project right from inception, in order to coordinate with the architects & all consultants to prepare the perfect product mix that would sell smoothly.

Marketing planning

Marketing involves huge costs & intial planning results in controlling the marketing cost. Our team noit only plans the marketing strategies but also checks & improves is from time to time as per changing dynamics of the market.

Competitor analysis

Studying ones competitors is very important & it should be done on a regular basis. Our research team at Mevolvee keeps themselves updated about the competition which enables them to strategize the selling plan from time to time.

Loyalty programs

We create tailormade loyalty programs for developers & also connect them with various brands across the country to provide benefits to their customers. Well created loyalty programs enables the developer to have controls marketing cost resulting in better profitability.

Sales & after sales training

Everyone can sell but selling in the right manner & ethically is important. We at Mevolvee believe in ethical sales. So, our team is frequently visiting the sales team & training them from time to time in order to provide good support to our customers as one happy customers results in hundred new customers. Our team not only trains them but also educated them about the new market trends & strategies.

Sales office & sample flat

At Mevolvee we not only plan the sales but also the environment in which the product needs to be sold. A perfect ambience & interiors is essential for selling the product. In todays world the most important is the comfort level we provide to our customers. Our team not only designs the sales office but also the sample flat in the absolute manner that would sell. As the motive of the office & sample flat is that it should sell.


Most of the consultants in the market prefer to support only in sales & no one intends to provide support to the developer in handover. We at Mevolvee provide end to end solutions for real estate projects as we intend to be a family member to the developer. Our smooth handover process results in customer delight.

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