Inspired by history.
Focused on the future.

Adorned with a architectural palette borrowed from the Mongolian and Siberian megaliths. Deerstone seeks to represent the brave new face of contemporary business. It's designed to raise the benchmark of business excellence a few notches up. The sepia-tinted, carved facades with clean-cut accents are inspired from the unique textural qualities of the originals - a statement that speaks volumes about the meticulously-curated features the project is draped in.

The glory of the Bronze Age, being reinvented as a modern solution for the business mavericks.

EasyBiz Spaces - A one stop solution to all your business needs

While Pradhikaran as a commercial core has grown immensely in time, there is still a glaring need for ecosystems that can supports its residential and infrastructural development. That's how Deerstone emerges as a timely and apt offering - to help small and medium-scale business in the area step up to a new level-of location-specific advantage of comfort, of stature, of pride.

With offices offered from configurations beginning 146 sq.ft. going all the way to 558 sq.ft., the spaces have been crafted to suit the varying needs of different enterprises.

Floor Plan


Key Distances